Shooting your project with the Canon D5 and D7

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Make no mistake, these cameras are capable of producing amazing motion pictures,this camera makes quality images achievable for very little money, empowering a huge number of filmmakers to make their dream come true.

Looking back, films aren’t always about flawless images on screen. The original Evil Dead, (Art worked on Evil Dead 2 with Sam Rami and Bruce Camble), and countless other low budget horror films were shot on 16mm in the days when grain was as big as a bird on screen, scratches were common, and a hair in the gate was practically required. And what about DV films like 28 Days Later or David Lynch’s Inland Empire? Sure, they look like over blown standard def video, but somehow that didn’t stop them becoming movies, did it?

The Canon EOS 5D Mark II to canon D7 puts more “possibility” into the hands of a filmmaker than any camera ever has. The format has its faults, but in the right hands can make a great contribution to any project or marketing campaign.

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